so it grows…

“If you do what you love, you’ll spend time doing it.

If you spend time doing it, you’ll get really good at it.

If you get really good at it, you’ll begin to authentically share it with others.

It all starts with getting up everyday & doing what you love.”

Katie Brownlee outdoor yoga classes and community events fort langley.jpg

A friend shared these beautiful words with me & my life has forever been changed. It wasn’t a crazy new idea or some innovative magical concept. It was simple, basic, & fundamental. It was the groundwork to lay my core values & principles upon. It birthed self inquiry & self awareness into getting clear with “my why” in all areas of life.

I slowly began to plant seeds. To search for the things that made me feel the most alive. The things that made me lose track of time, the physical acts that quieted my ever roaming mind, & the moments I caught myself smiling with genuine happiness & contentment.

Those things for me were:

  • being outside in nature

  • digging my hands & barefeet into the dirt

  • moving & creating space within my physical

  • mental & emotional body

  • bringing people together for meaningful connection,

  • sharing ideas, thoughts, & igniting real, raw conversation

  • creating things from my garden & wilderness around me.

These seeds have created a compass. A compass to which I can refer back to in any situation or circumstance that arises within my life. A compass that has framed my core values of connection, nature, simplicity, authenticity, kindness, & growth. The values & passions I have crafted my vision, my business to be a reflection of.

Katie Brownlee my vision for the future.jpg

My vision is to find common threads, to open up new doors, to unmask old masks, to peel back internal layers, & to light internal fires within one another. So I grow. So you grow. So we grow. 

So it grows.