The HabitaT

A space to restore well being, energy, & balance…

Yoga is defined as “union” or “connection. Practicing outdoors, pairing up yoga with nature, strips us down to a simple connection; our connection to the Earth beneath us & environment around us. The yoga scene is left in the dust & open space brings expansion & instantaneous freedom you just can not replicate indoors.

Practicing yoga in an outdoor space with views of the mountains & the smells of sweet summer breezes allow you to reconnect to nature, ignites inner happiness and leaves you relaxed and refreshed having spent time in the fresh air.

The Habitat is not just a place for movement, this space is also a place to foster connections in our community.

Every week following our Sunsets & Spirits yoga class, I host Wild Awakening: Soul Sessions, a place for authentic conversation and building real connections with others in our community.

Every second Sunday of the month, I host Garden Dinners, a community event centred around sharing healthy food and great conversation.