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My Soul. My Creations.

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“I believe in the power of conscious creating. Creating plant based products to not only sustain, but to nourish, inspire, ignite conversation & build community.” 


Ferity is crafted in Fort Langley, BC, beside breathtaking mountain peaks, protected old growth forests & spacious farm fields.

I create products I need in my own life. Products that meet my standards of integrity, sustainability & wholesomeness. I have the desire & commitment to live in the most natural, connected & simplistic way possible. For it is truly the everyday choices we make that build the bigger picture.

With this commitment in mind, I have developed a line of products that are both indulgent & functional. All of my products are handcrafted in my home tucked away in nature. I grow what I can, forage seasonally & buy locally as much as possible to create products with simple ingredients & minimal waste; focusing on biodegradability, reusability & recycling.

I honour practices & ingredients that respect the environment in which we live & all that resides within it.

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