I like the quiet life, the simple life, the immersed in wilderness life. Moments spent smiling, lighting internal fires, & speaking without words. I dance to the song in my head, speak with the rhythm of my heart & live from the depth of my soul. I teach yoga, create things from my garden & bring community together because those are the things that make me feel alive. Getting up everyday to do the things that make me feel most alive…that is what fills my life with connection, purpose, & intention.

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Yoga is our daily lives. It is how we embrace every single one of our moments. It is moving with purpose, speaking with intention & remembering the simple things in life...the things that matter the most.

Yoga gives us the ability of self inquiry; to question, to heal, to awaken curiosity, to experience self discovery, & reconnect with joy & gratitude in our lives. This is why I practice yoga.

Practicing yoga in nature inspires focused awareness, deeper breath & purposeful movement, while restoring well-being, energy & balance.


I offer yoga in an outdoor covered studio with views of the mountains & acres of farm fields. It is surrounded by lush gardens filled with flowers, herbs & produce.

The smell of  fresh cut grass, soft sounds of nature, dogs, cats & chickens playfully roaming the property, your senses will be fully immersed in the wild beauty of connection. The vibes are peaceful, simplistic, & connected.

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What brings us together cannot exist in the same space as what keeps us apart. There are common threads that weave through you & I; that weave us all together, that weave life together.

My choice is to chase after those very things. To come together to share thoughts, stories, ideas & moments of real contact at the heart. To create common threads & true connection. I believe, in the existence of this creation, the head has no answers & the heart has no questions.

To feel connected. To be connected. To ourselves, to others, to the earth and our environment. That is the groundwork that weaves us all together.


Ferity is my personal product line crafted in Fort Langley, BC, beside breathtaking mountain peaks, protected old growth forests & spacious farm fields. I create products that I need in my own life. Products that meet my standards of integrity, sustainability, & wholesomeness.

Ferity will consist of a variety of products for your body, soul, & spirit. Keep posted for the upcoming release!

Do what makes you happy. This is the raw essence of what I do.

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